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If a student is very tired the whole day the more he tends to oversleep and become tardy at school. A tardy students presents lack of responsibility. please write my essay legitimate Some students are just lazy to wake up early and get ready for school but some just suddenly thinks to come late to class because of their laziness while some are just not interested on what their teacher are tackling because some students thinks that what they are learning from some of their subjects today will not be useful to their future jobs. Financial stability can cause tardiness to students. With this study, the researchers can recommend the college students different ways on how to avoid tardiness.

In some cases, most parents ask their children to run some errands first before they can go to school. Does tardiness means that you are not smart? In addition to that, tardiness causes low performance on school.

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If you exceed that number of hours, there is a big tendency for you to wake up late and eventually, come to school late. Students who come to class late can interrupt the flow of the discussion, distract other students, hinder learning, and generally erode class moral. Research paper introduction help tardiness Somehow, tardiness has the same effects among students except that high school students get either suspended or detained for their consecutive tardiness. Tardy students should start changing such habits if they want to change their lifestyles for the better.

Teachers do not tolerated tardiness among his students. Tardiness of a student has a big impact on schools as well. Research paper introduction help tardiness Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website.

Other Reason of Tardiness Some students are committed in numerous responsibilities and obligations. We cannot deny that some students nowadays chooses their extracurricular activities over academics responsibilities for the reason that they are more interested to their extracurricular activities and they find it more fun and exciting. Research paper introduction help tardiness A tardy student can influence their families voluntarily or involuntarily. Students would come late to school if they think that there is no consequence for their tardiness.

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Tardiness often a result to lousy job or poor performance for you has not been able to use your time properly for the given task. However, consistent tardiness creates not only the problems discussed above, but also does not help to prepare students for future success in middle and high school, or for the job market. custom college papers check We will write a custom essay sample on Time and Tardiness specifically for you. If so, you must know that being tardy in school is one of the reasons why students fail in class. On Self Do you always find yourself rushing to school just to know that you are late?

Tips for breaking bad habits and developing good habits. If you are on time on meeting or whatever, you have a greater chance to perform well on a certain job. help on writing a personal statement cv examples Being behaviorally late proves that you do not have good manners and gives you a bad reputation. On the other hand, being late decreases your chance to have a better performance on a specific duty for you.

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In European-American cultural contexts, an ever-increasing amount of each day is spent in the company of peers, from 10 percent as early as two years of age to 40 percent between the ages of seven and eleven Thus, students become tardy to school or sometimes they are absent for a period of time. Being tardy all the time to class shows carelessness and a waste of time, being on time is not only a duty for students, but also a part of good manners, respect and reputation.

Oversleeping is a bad habit which is closely related to laziness. One reason of oversleeping is drunkenness; some students still drink during special occasion knowing that they have a class on the next day. Research paper introduction help tardiness Somehow, tardiness has the same effects among students except that high school students get either suspended or detained for their consecutive tardiness.

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