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The others paid a monthly rent to the CVG for the use of the land. House 92 was one of the houses financed by a loan of the pilot project. custom essay online grader and writing tutor In the next stage of growth, dwellings and started new additions towards the backyard also for rental purposes. Due to the workable size of the sample, no separation was made between different designs.

We have nothing but this house. Oh, there is still so much to do in this house! That explains why some households did not remove the rancho before the first additions were made as household of dwelling mentioned in section 3. compare and contrast essay sample pdf The purpose of the section is twofold:

We didn't demolish it at once The observations are summarized at the end of the section as they are analyzed in section 3. Total User-Participation This was the largest group in the sample 10 dwellings. online essay editor hd effects Common problems and needs were discussed in general assemblies. According to aerial pictures of El Gallo taken between February and March of , there were occupied plots containing "ranchos" or "barracas" shacks and 2 permanent dwellings.

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This house was one of the cores built by Funvica but was enlarged to more than twice its initial size. Ultimately, households were very conscious that investing in their dwellings was a way to make a living for the future. Data analysis chapter 3 thesis B The distribution of this house was similar to the majority of the self-provided houses of El Gallo. Households had a restricted or limited participation in the production of the dwelling.

It was so small! For formally produced or prescribed dwellings, additions during the first stages were made because existing spaces did not meet the household's needs and characteristics. This section portrays how dwellings grew and changed at El Gallo according to different user-participation groups.

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We had a big rancho there. According to old neighbours, project plans, pipes, working materials and technical assistance were publicly provided. business school essay writing service best This bathroom could also be reached through the other door in the laundry area.

There were seven people living in this house. Households spent from 2 to 3 years living in their rancho before building the basic unit. research writing services journals The last thing we did was the new bathroom.

Once the cement block house [was] complete, the tin shack [was] removed Daykin D. No evidence was found regarding the user's preference for either one of the two cores. qut phd thesis by publication These families had been living at El Gallo from 23 to 29 years, with the sole exception of two households, which had been living there for considerably less time 7 and 15 years.

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Basic units of type 1 Most units of this group 7 out of 8 were preceded by ranchos. Table 3 summarizes the area increase for Group B, provided cores of type 2. Data analysis chapter 3 thesis We first added the kitchen and these two rooms and finally tore down the rancho. They work all day and don't have children. Six of the houses of the subgroup were preceded by a rancho.

However, one of them was the household that was living in the rancho. Shortly before , the CVG built a community center, where courses for adults were taught by members of several communities and special courses were organized for school holidays. Data analysis chapter 3 thesis Common problems and needs were discussed in general assemblies.

The second stage was built within the 3 to 7 years after the permanent dwelling was seen in the aerial photographs. With few variations this pattern was followed by most of the settlers. Data analysis chapter 3 thesis We built as long as we had money, and then we moved in. The older daughter had recently divorced and returned home with her two children.

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